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The Fitbit Charge 4 Can Control Your Spotify Playlists

adminJuly 14, 20202min1200
adminJuly 14, 20202min1200

Thanks to a software update, the Fitbit Charge 4 Health & Fitness Tracker now offers a smart wake alarm as well as dynamic GPS. The new alarm feature connects with the internal sleep tracker to wake you when you’re most rested. Connecting with your phone when it’s in range, the dynamic GPS improves accuracy and lengthens battery life. That way, however far along you are on your run, you know exactly where you’re at. It gives you the freedom to meander around your city, discovering new places. Offering a weeklong battery life, this watch ensures you don’t go a day without knowing how far you’ve walked. Additionally, it connects with Spotify to keep your favorite music at hand. Moreover, this smartwatch monitors your heart rate so you know if you need to push yourself a little bit harder. Available in four colors, this activity tracker rivals the best.

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