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This Full Spectrum Camera Has an All-in-One Design

adminJune 29, 20202min1820
adminJune 29, 20202min1820

The Kolari Pocket All-in-One Full Spectrum Camera lets you shoot in infrared. It’s a modified Canon ELPH 180 point-and-shoot camera that features live view—an indispensable feature for focusing and composing in infrared. Its durable ultra-compact frame, 8x zoom lens, simple controls, and powerful 20-megapixel sensor makes this camera the perfect infrared camera for beginners, casual shooters, and all those looking for a way to add infrared to their camera bag at a low cost. Furthermore, this package comes with a 37mm filter adapter ring permanently attached to the front of the lens. Additionally, it has three 37mm filters: the 590nm, 720nm, and Hot-Mirror filter all in 37mm. You can also add on a 37mm IR Chrome Lens Filter and a CHDK-enabled SD card. Finally, go for the three-filter expansion kit (37mm 665nm infrared filter, 37mm 850nm infrared filter, and 37mm IR Chrome filter).

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