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This Nighttime Family Game Is Great Outdoor Fun

adminJune 26, 20202min1090
adminJune 26, 20202min1090

The Zber Nighttime Family Game will change the way you play outside. This outdoor game is unique every time because the poles move and players enact their creative rules. A fun way to pass the time, it has just four simple rules so people of all ages can play. In fact, anywhere from two to six players can play at once, and it’s great for anyone of any skill level. Moreover, it promotes camaraderie because everyone gets to stay together, and you won’t leave anyone in the group behind. A three-dimensional game that incorporates the entire play area, this setup includes five target poles and six numbered discs. The goal is to knock the golf ball off the target poles—the player who does so gets a point. Because the poles and discs light up at night, Zber is great for all-hours play.

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