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This productivity tool will boost your focus » Gadget Flow

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adminAugust 12, 202011min1710

Tired of all those distracting notifications from your phone and computer while you’re trying to get work done? What about those ill-timed chats with your co-workers, or if you work from home, conversations with your spouse and kids? The TimeChi smart productivity tool can help you get the most out of your office or work-from-home day since it blocks notifications, reminds you to take breaks, and signals to others when you’re in deep-work mode.

Have you ever wished you could close yourself in a signal-free, coworker-less room for a few hours so that you can focus on your work? Workers today are bombarded by distractions from screen and phone notifications and well-meaning colleagues who want to chat. And since so many of us have started working from home this year, the distractions can be even more confounding. Luckily, there’s something that can help. The TimeChi smart productivity tool is a handy little device that uses the Pomodoro technique and timeboxing to block notifications from your phone and computer. It can even help thwart those in-person distractions, too.

Designwise, TimeChi has the look of a portable Bluetooth speaker. The company’s Indiegogo page writes that its design mimics that of a game buzzer, to give users the idea that they’re winning as they boost their productivity. Its display features a multi-touch borosilicate touchscreen, and the whole body is a tactile switch that has a satisfying click when you press it. You can connect to TimeChi via Wi-Fi, USB-C connector, and USB-A to C adaptor. To focus deeply, you’ll work with both the device and the app.

Block digital distractions with this time-management tool

Those notifications from your favorite sites and social media outlets are persistent and enticing. Now you can save the distraction for another time since this productivity device will eliminate them. Just enter the websites that distract you into the app. The TimeChi browser extensions will block them for the specific period during which you want to focus. It also mutes notifications. Can you imagine a solid hour of work without your phone buzzing or desktop ringing? I can, and it sounds beautiful.

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool on a Wall Next to a Door

Use proven techniques to get more work done

This productivity device uses the Pomodoro technique and timeboxing to help you get things done. These methods have been proven to boost productivity by setting aside blocks of 25-minute focus periods during which you can work undisturbed. And all you have to do is press the TimeChi device to begin. The device will also remind you to take regular breaks, so you can return to your tasks refreshed, balanced, and ready to tackle more. After four 25-minute increments, the device reminds you to take a more extended break which will super-charge your creativity.

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool Next to a Laptop

Reduce physical interruptions that take you off track

Does the baby-sitter have another question? Are the kids or your spouse stopping by your desk just to talk? This productivity device can reduce those physical distractions when you activate the traffic light indicator; when the light is red, you signal to others that you’re in deep work mode. During these periods, the screen also displays a countdown, so that people know when you’ll be available again.

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool on a White Table

Be just as productive at home

Since many of us have switched to remote work this year, finding the right home/work balance can be a challenge. At your house, there’s always laundry to do, dishes to wash, and a tempting espresso machine on the kitchen counter. But if you’ve got a productivity device like this one, it’ll be easier to set aside specific work and break times, so that your home life doesn’t take over your work time or the other way around.

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool

TimeChi Smart Productivity Tool in a Hand

Turn your bustling office into a sanctuary

In this post, I’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using this productivity device for a work-from-home setup, but TimeChi is excellent for busy office environments, too—especially if every member of the team gets on board. That way, you can sync deep work and breaks together, ensuring that you’re all being productive and taking the time to collaborate and socialize. TimeChi’s visual display can also help everyone tick off agenda items during team meetings.

Improve your performance with productivity analytics

The app can show you how you spent time during a specific date range. The report helps you analyze when you did your most in-depth work, and when you were distracted. This gives you insight into all the components of your work environment so that you or your team can make adjustments.

As someone who works from home, I think this product has tremendous potential. For remote workers, the TimeChi is a great way to organize time and ensure you take well-placed breaks. And for teams, this gadget can help everyone sync their work and breaks, allowing the entire company to be more efficient. Best of all, it blocks those annoying notifications from your computer and phone, letting you focus on your work. A distraction-free workspace is possible with TimeChi.

TimeChi smart productivity tool costs $91.49. Preorder yours on Indiegogo.

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