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This Reusable Mask Has 5 Different Layers of Filtration

adminJune 15, 20202min2080
adminJune 15, 20202min2080

When you wear the AirZ Reusable Mask, you can control how fast air flows through it. In fact, this reusable mask offers three different active airflow speeds. Designed with a built-in fan, it allows you to breathe air only after it goes through five layers of protective filter. Not only will you breathe clean air, but you will also avoid sweat and fog inside this mask. Even if you’re exercising, the AirZ ensures you breathe easily. Designed to meet PFE and ASTM 2101 standards, this face mask removes up to 99% of particulates in the air. Lasting for up to five hours at a time, this mask’s comfortable material won’t bother your face. With easily replaceable filters, the AirZ ensures you’re never caught without a way to breathe clean air. Plus, it comes in black and white colors to blend in with your style.

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