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This Transparent AirPods Pro Case Is Totally Clear

adminJuly 25, 20202min1370
adminJuly 25, 20202min1370

Keep your earbuds protected without a hefty price tag by using the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Transparent AirPods Pro Case. First, this case is forgiving and doesn’t react to drops and bumps. The polycarbonate material absorbs shocks easily if something scrapes it in your bag or if it falls. Consequently, this case protects your headphones from any permanent damage, helping them to last longer. Its classic and clear design allows you to see your earbuds, which is unique. Also, it won’t turn yellow over time. There are many colors to choose from, so this makes an excellent gift for any gadget hoarders. Although it’s primary focus is for protection, it also enables wireless charging. As a result, you’ll never have to take off the case again.

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