Zuma Lumisonic light & sound system is a tunable dimmable light & sealed audio system | HITECHGLOBE

adminMarch 11, 20221min25

Streamline your home with a gadget that does two things at once: the Zuma Lumisonic light & sound system. It is not only a tuneable dimmable light but also a 2-way DSP-optimized sealed acoustic audio system. It seamlessly integrates into any room in any home, and you can easily control it with the Zuma app. Offering sound and light in one device, it even responds to your voice through Amazon Alexa and more. With rich, detailed, immersive sound, it also offers brilliant lighting so you don’t have to compromise either. Beneath the Lumisonic bonnet, you’ll find a next-generation HD-audio Class D monolithic amplifier—controlled by a quad-core processor. Furthermore, the 2-way speaker system incorporates a uniquely optimized long throw 3″ super formed aluminum cone. Designed to be human-centric lighting, it provides cool white light in the morning and warm white light in the evening.

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